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VoiceLive 2 Editor

Playing around with settings for my Voicelive 2, I'm reminded how annoying it is to bend down and adjust each and every setting. I ran across a thread on VoiceCouncil which discusses an editor for VoiceLive 2. An editor is simply a program that runs on your computer and connects to your VoiceLive 2 pedal via USB.  You then use the editor to adjust the settings from your laptop, rather than through the controls on the pedal itself. There are two options that I know of currently:
  1. Ginsonic's VoiceLive 2 editor
  2.'s VoiceLive 2 editor

Ginsonic's VoiceLive 2 Editor

In the post referenced above, a VoiceLive 2 user named Ginsonic chimed in and linked his personal VoiceLive 2 editor on the thread.  I have used the 1.02 version for a while now and really enjoy it. Sadly, the links that Ginsonic referenced in the thread no longer work.  Until I find a replacement, here is the version that I have: I'd love it if Ginsonic came back and let me know where he has it stored now. A few of the features that I'd like to play with aren't immediately obvious.  Harmony settings, for example, can be adjusted through the editor, but I'm at a loss to understand how to set the key.'s Editor has a variety of editor's available.  The two that I was interested in are: These editors are Windows only, unfortunately.  Since I run on a Mac, I ran the demo version under Wine and confirmed that it ran.  I have not yet confirmed that running it via Wine allows the editor to connects to a VoiceLive 2.  I'll test that out in the coming days.

Any Others?

These are the only two that I know of at the moment.  If anyone else knows of another, please share.  It's far, far nicer to adjust settings standing up than bending over.

VoiceLive 2 with Sax

The VoiceLive 2 from TC Helicon is a pretty badass little box of toys.  I bought it to try and create some harmony parts when I'm the only saxophone player on a gig, but I'm starting to explore some of its other uses now too. Read On…
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